We are:


·         We are you committed to growth and continuous improvement

·         We are like sponges soaking up all that Vistage has to offer

·         We regularly take our learning’s back to our team



·         We implement what we learn at Vistage regularly

·         We set and achieve our quarterly and annual goals



·         We offer what we know with our group regularly

·         We reach out to members in need



·         We process business, professional and personal important issues regularly

·         We share your feelings with the group without holding back

·         We try to place management team members in a key group


Our Commitments:

·         We attend monthly 121s and group meetings at least 90% of the time

·         We arrive on-time and stay to the end of each meeting

·         We provide a written agenda for each 121

·         We encourage our management team to hold 121s with their teams

·         We involve our team members in our 121s



·         We hold ourselves accountable

·         We hold our team members accountable

·         We provide honest feedback and suggest group improvement opportunities



·         We are enthusiastic about Vistage in and out of our meetings

·         We try to be the poster child for being an ideal member



·         We trust the Vistage process and our fellow members