The guidance I got. The people I met. The wisdom they brought. Without it, I wouldn’t have been able to successfully sell my company for $50 million dollars. Based on my $75,000 membership, I received a 40,000 to 1 ROI. At the center of it is Alan who not only brought together a brilliant group of people but makes sure we all get what we need from each other. Drawing on a ton of personal experience, he’s a huge asset to any entrepreneur.”
— Eric Thomas, CEO, Freedom Voice
There is no other environment like it where you can have others challenge your assumptions, ask you the tough questions, hold you accountable and be totally supportive and encouraging.
— Howard Farfel, President, The Ken Blanchard Companies
Joining Vistage has been one of the best life decisions I have ever made. Having a group of CEO peers and a Chair to report my goals and progress to has helped me stay on track with my goals in a way I wasn’t when I was left on my own.
— Ginger Hitzke, CEO Hitzke Development
From the moment I met Alan, I knew he was special, not only as a leader and a successful business man; but most importantly, as a human being. My personal and professional life has been enriched by Vistage, and Alan’s insight, honesty and ability to bring amazing people together in our Vistage Group. I count myself lucky to also call him a friend. Vistage has changed my life and that of my family and made me a more secure and happy person.
— Nanci Porter, President and CEO, Talent Port Consulting
At my first Vistage meeting ever, the speaker provided the solution to fill my excess capacity and finance a significant expansion. I look forward to continuous improvement with Alan’s and Vistage’s support.
— Rachel Shein, CEO, Baked in the Sun
I sold my company for $61.5M and the second three years later for $176M. Considering a 6-year investment of about $86,000 the ROI is considerable. While that is substantial, I found the consistent executive leadership training, employee practices, directions, and adjacent CEO council the most significant. This proved instrumental in managing the high growth and preparing the staff and company towards embracing the impact to the culture as we navigated through the positive outcome.
— Robert Moberg, CEO, Integrated Practical Solutions
Through our Vistage Group, but in particular Alan’s personal attention that he gives each of his members, I have been able to make better choices, decisions, and grow in a more balanced direction. He, and the group, was critical to my survival after my business went off the rails. This is the best group I have ever been part of.
— Laird Mooney, CEO, Queen’s Capital
Vistage is a place where I can be 100% honest with and get 100% honest perspective. Alan is a HIGHLY- accomplished businessman and philanthropist. He has taught me more in 18 months than any B-school program or other advisor combined.
— Brad Lupien, President & CEO, arc
My decision to join Vistage has been, and will continue to be one of the best decisions I have ever made...He challenges me to be the best version of myself and helps me define what I need to do to get here. Words cannot express the gratitude that I have for Vistage, my fellow executives, and for Alan as my mentor. I will be a member for life!
— Elizabeth Valenzuela Banker, CEO Shore Solutions
He cares deeply about people and helping them do and achieve what they want. Better than that, he helped me see what I want when I haven’t noticed it yet.
— Steve Throop, Managing Partner, Hutchinson & Bloodgood
Alan is one of my professional heroes. He not only helps me be the best I can be professionally, but he is my virtual mirror, reminding me of who I am, why I do what I do and where I want to go.
— Rita Williamson, CEO Next Level Health USA
To think of Alan simply as my Vistage chair simply doesn’t capture how deeply I value him as a mentor, facilitator and, most importantly, a friend. He has worked hard to put the right, diverse mix of people together to get the most from his ‘highly functioning’ group. If given the opportunity, I recommend that you get to know Alan. You will be a better person for it.
— Reid Carr, CEO, Red Door Interactive
Alan has been my Vistage chair since 2008. Prior to working with Alan, the balance between my business and professional life was completely distorted. Not only did Alan help me become the CEO I’d always hoped I would be, he helped me become a better husband and father by working with me to identify, prioritize, and balance my business, personal and professional goals. The progress I’ve made, and the satisfaction I feel is remarkable.
— John Wells, Presdient & CEO Christopher Weil & Company
Our Vistage group is a safe haven where all of us can discuss our challenges and successes, and Alan is there to support, advise, challenge and cheer us on. Thank you Alan!
— Trude Jackson, President & CEO Sol Associates
Alan is an amazing Vistage Chair and has brought a powerful group of executives together who truly care about the businesses of their fellow group members. Together this team can provide unparalleled support and insight into any business challenge brought to the table. Alan challenges each professional to grow beyond their current capacity and provides one-on-one support. He holds you accountable and helps ensure you have everything you need to accomplish your goals. As a CEO, having a peer group and a personal mentor is invaluable. -Kathy Pennington, CEO, Radiant Technologies.