Talent, Training & Technology Are the Leading Difference Makers for Growth

Talent, training and technology are the leading difference-makers for customer growth.

Decisions related to business growth

Growing your customer base: it’s the central goal of most businesses. What do high-growth small and midsize businesses do differently when it comes to engaging customers? Vistage Research sought to answer that question in a study of 1,352 Vistage SMB CEOs. The results illustrate and analyze the decisions that high-growth SMB leaders have made about strategies, initiatives and investments within marketing, sales and service. While there are many variables, our analysis focused on a combination of factors stemming from a CEO’s decisions around strategies and investments for customer growth.

Download the e-Book “Customer growth: Decisions for the SMB CEO” for a detailed look at the key strategic decisions faced by high-performance SMB CEOs for customer growth. Find out where high-growth companies invest in order to accomplish their customer growth plans, and explore the top 5 winning initiatives for marketing, sales and customer service