It all starts with why...

My purpose is to use my gifts to help ignite, inspire and transform the lives of those closest to me and to make the world a little better.

It takes more than a snap of the finger for YOU to go from a good to great leader.  And there’s a big difference between leading and truly inspiring our team.

I play many roles encouraging and empowering YOU to reach your highest potential by developing your ability to inspire, motivate and lead others to accomplish amazing results; and to create cultures of accountability, inquiry and respect.

I care about YOU creating valuable learning experiences with each interaction for a select group of lifelong learners, brave CEO's and entrepreneurs who meet once a month all day, participating in ½ workshops with world class experts; giving and receiving feedback on critical decisions, issues and opportunities that can only be discussed in a safe, confidential environment; and YOU and I have individual monthly coaching sessions.

I serve as a virtual mirror asking YOU the tough questions pointing out the differences in what YOU do verses what YOU say YOU truly want. I help YOU navigate your business, professional and personal journeys. I help YOU understand, and activate what YOU truly know and why YOU are not acting.  YOU will develop more discipline to hold your team, and yourself, accountable. I will challenge your assumptions, beliefs and decisions; and then cheer your accomplishments.

I paid the consequences for working too hard living an unbalanced life that leads to poor health and poorer family relationships so I work diligently to help YOU avoid those mistakes.

After experiencing the power of Vistage, I chose a career sharing what I learn the hard way helping YOU, other entrepreneurs and CEOs. Sheer boredom, after a successful exit, caused me to co-create a chain of restaurants. I quickly learned that I knew a lot less about developing a chain of restaurants then I thought and found my success, and even survival, was in jeopardy. A near bankruptcy lead me to Vistage and it changed my life.

Vistage helped me turn my company around, successfully exit, and create this group to share my life lessons.


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