Although we come from different places, we have much in common and so much to share. The group through its collective experiences, trust and dynamic array of personalities provides each member with candid, practical and immediate feedback.
— Rita Williamson CEO, Next Level Health USA

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Our members are grateful for their Vistage experience:

  • One member has taken his company public

  • Four members have successfully exited @ $175,000,000,  $50,000, 000, $35,000,000, $12,000,000 resulting in financial freedom, control of their calendar, personal/family peace of mind and a business legacy

  • One member avoided bankruptcy, started a new company and successfully exited

  • One member after losing 60% of her business obtained Mezzanine Funding to buy her biggest competitor

  • One member bought out his 50% partner

  • One widower found a new wife and a new life.

  • After years as a paid CEO, one member started her own company and cannot handle all the business.

In addition to business success, they are finding their life purpose, increasing harmony and balance in their lives, and enjoying what they do and have. Most importantly they are a diverse, high-performing, high-achieving award-winning, peer group of friends who enjoy each other within, and outside of Vistage socializing with each other, spouses and/or significant others.