In 2008 sixteen CEOs, seasoned entrepreneurs and a Veteran Business Mentor came together to deal with the coming recession.  Today, one has gone public and five have sold their companies , creating financial independence for themselves and their families while the others are thriving.

Our high-achieving, diverse Vistage CEO Peer Coaching and Mentoring Advisory Board is always open to meeting another dynamic CEO who can add, and receive value. 

Impressive Peer CEOs

Join a diverse blend of 17 seasoned men and women CEOs from some of  San Diego's finest companies. The group features award-winning private and venture-backed companies. 

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Seasoned Leader

Photo by Jillian Sorkin   akr

Photo by Jillian Sorkin


My purpose is to use my gifts and life lessons to help ignite, inspire and transform the lives of leaders of leaders.

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Proven Vistage Methodology

A 2015 analysis revealed that companies who joined Vistage over the past 5 years grew at three times the rate of average U.S. companies.

Not every CEO Peer Group, nor every Vistage group, is the same. Learn why ours is different and find out if you might be a fit for our limited space. 

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